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Local SEO Services in Mumbai, India

Want to know what Peoples Innovation can do for you? It’s simple; Peoples Innovation can get your business found online. Our goal is to get your business the most traffic, qualified leads and exposure for the least amount of cost.

We do this by putting our proprietary technology in the hands of our expert staff. This means you don't have to spend anymore time worrying about if your online marketing budget is well spent, we will prove it to you. This allows us to offer high quality local SEO services to thousands of businesses across the word.

Peoples Innovation utilizes a set of proven techniques to submit and regularly update your geographic and business information on which helps you be found on the three largest search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing as well as other online directories. As part of your local search plan, we continuously resubmit your information to achieve the highest possible position in the map results. The map feature is also available through mobile and tablet search results, so the local search optimization performed will be 3x more effective.

Our Local SEO Services Include

Free Technical Audit

We will check up to 200 pages for broken links, images, missing anchors and other issues.

Advanced Keyword Research

Get unlimited suggestions of keywords and phrases related to your business.

Content Submission

We’ll post and share your URLs, text/media content across the world’s top websites for brand recognition and traffic!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is growing fast and not going away! Get on the social media rocket ship and grow your local audience with our help.

Internal Links Optimization

Get insights about your internal link texts and page authority metrics for up to 1000 pages.

Paid Local Advertising

Get “off Google” traffic with our local business advertising programs. Sign up to Premium+ and get included Facebook ads.

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